Donald Trump Says He Is Ahead in Colorado Based on the Polls

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The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump believes that he is ahead in the polls in Colorado based on the polls, nonexistent polls.

During a Monday night rally at Grand Junction, Colorado, the nominee told his supporters that experts claim the race is tied, though he did not identify any such experts, and none appear to exist. In fact, Trump is not tied with Clinton in Colorado. Recent have shown that Clinton is ahead.

The RealClearPolitics average in Colorado shows that it is not even a close contest as Clinton is up by 8 points.

But the billionaire turned politician said

“They say we are tied in Colorado, I don’t think so, I’ll be honest. Something’s going on, something … They say we are tied, but every place we go there are thousands. I don’t think we are tied, on says we are 2 up, one says we are 4 up, one said we were 6 or 7 down. That was the one they showed on television. They don’t show the other ones.”

Trump seems to not only be ignoring the fact that the current polling average shows him well behind, but that RealClearPolitics shows that he has trailed the Democratic nominee in each of the last six polls in the state, both in head to head matchups and in a four way race.

The businessman has regularly cited to polls both during the primaries and in the general as a form of affirmation. In fact, in a recent event in New Hampshire which was touted as a ‘dry run’ for the second debate, he admitted that he only mentions the polls when they are favorable to him.

However, his campaign has been in a downward slide from the weeks before the first debate and that slide has only gotten steeper with the passage of time. In fact, during the Colorado rally where he claimed to be ahead, he said “I don’t believe the polls.”

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