The Only Donald Trump Apology Was not An Apology

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The Only Donald Trump Apology Was not An Apology - Citizen Slant

By all accounts, the 2016 presidential election has contained many firsts, but until late Friday night, there was one thing missing — Donald Trump apologizing for anything.

Friday night, the Republican presidential nominee apologized for the first time in his life — that’s according to him — and certainly for the first time on record.

In a recorded 90 second clip, while using the word apologize, Trump did anything but. In fact, his message was absolute defiance. He showed that he clearly does not understand the magnitude of his conduct as he referred to it as a mere ‘distraction’ referring to it as a ’10 year old tape.’

He also demonstrated that he sees very little wrong with his conduct when he said “I’ve done some foolish things, but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people.”

The truth is that this is just the latest in a string of sexist behavior by Trump that has been documented over decades, from the time he forced his way onto the public scene all the way to today. This newest tape to surface is not a one time incident, and the fact that it documents something that occurred 10 years ago is of little relevance as Trump has confirmed his sexist beliefs and behavior over decades.

And to think, it took ten hours for Trump’s campaign to offer to the public this non-apology apology. This shows not only a fatally flawed candidate, but a fatally flawed campaign.

Trump also demonstrated that he is simply incapable of accepting responsibility as among other things, he launched into the conduct of former president Bill Clinton.

By the way, if anyone had any doubt that Donald Trump is not the least bit sorry about his conduct, here’s what he tweeted this morning:

Beyond the content of the recording is the fact that Trump and his campaign decided to release the recording instead of standing in front of the American people. This fact is perhaps just as telling.

It demonstrates a fact that has been increasingly evident about Donald Trump — that he is anything but a strong leader. He was incapable of going down the elevator at his building and standing outside in front of reporters and in person, live, tell the American people what is on his mind. He could have refused to even answer questions.

Instead, he chose to hide out in his cushy quarters and not even livestream, but record a response.

Lost in all of this was the fact that in the very same week, he took a position on the Central Park Five which demonstrates that his beliefs vis a vis African Americans is no better than those he harbors toward women. In his attack against the Central Park Five, Trump also confirmed a horrible part of him. When he is wrong, he doubles down on the conduct, and attacks those who call him out.

There have been many political leaders and voters who, from the time Trump announced his candidacy, have renounced him. However, members of the Republican Party — some grudgingly and some joyfully — have embraced him. Reince Priebus, the chair of the Republican National Committee, even went so far as to threaten those in the party who would not endorse Trump in order to bully them into getting in line with supporting Trump.

Trump certainly is despicable, but at this point, anyone in the Republican Party that continues to support him has a lot of explaining to do to the American public.


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