The Truth About Donald Trump’s Charitable Donations

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has said that he donated “tens of millions of dollars” to charity over his lifetime, but where’s the proof?

They don’t want to offer any.

Campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks failed to offer any support for the campaign’s claims, except for that part of it came from Mr. Trump’s controversial foundation. As Washington Post reports, the Donald J. Trump Foundation is “a charity that, despite its name, has been filled almost entirely with other people’s money in recent years.”

The Post has reportedly spent a significant amount of time trying to research the aforementioned charitable donations, but research has lead them nowhere. They have actually contacted 326 charities with some connection to Mr. Trump to ask if the presidential candidate has made donations to them, personally. Apparently, “between 2008 and this May, that search turned up just one gift, from 2009. It worth less than $10,000.'”

Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has also publicly touted Donald Trump’s apparently generous charitable contributions without providing any evidence. On CNN Monday, he said,

“anyone who knows about Donald Trump and his career knows that this is a man who’s given away tens of millions of dollars to charitable causes throughout his business life.”

When prompted to support his claim by Wolf Blitzer, Pence “cited a single example: a $100,000 check that Trump had written to a Louisiana church in August, to help with the cleanup after a devastating flood.” Though it is true that Mr. Trump did that, it does not serve as adequate support for the claim that he’s donated “tens of millions of dollars” to charity over the course of his life.

While Trump’s foundation has made charitable donations, it’s funds come almost entirely from it’s donors. Donald Trump hasn’t made a personal contribution to the foundation, according to tax records, since 2008.

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