Donald Trump Has Decided that if You Do This, You Should Lose Your Citizenship

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Donald Trump Has Decided that if You Do This, You Should Lose Your Citizenship - CitizenSlant
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President-elect Donald Trump has been spending an inordinate amount of time on his Twitter account ever since Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin last week.

After announcing Fidel Castro’s death much like a news service, rather than a world leader, he decided to have a Twitter fit over the recount effort for 24 hours. Part of that fit was making the false claim that he won the popular vote if the “millions” illegal votes that were cast were subtracted. The President-elect knows full well how difficult it is to commit voter fraud cause he failed when he tried to do it, and it was captured on film.

On Monday, having returned from his Thanksgiving weekend vacation with the former Cuban leader’s death fresh on his mind, meaning Cuba is the only foreign country on his radar, he declared that he is going to “terminate” the “deal” if Cuba will not negotiate a better one. Of course, the President-elect has never given any indication of whether he knows what the ‘deal’ is or what would constitute a better ‘deal.’

On Tuesday, the President-elect has decided to bypass the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and bypass the Supreme Court Justice who he has said he so admires — Antonin Scalia, and make the burning of the United States flag a crime. Not only that, but he has decided that it is such a horrific crime that it should have an unprecedented punishment — loss of one’s citizenship.

In just five days, the President-elect has tried to delegitimize his own election by making a false claim of widespread voter fraud without any evidence — real or fake. He has vowed to renegotiate a ‘deal’ without knowing what the purported ‘deal’ is or what would make it better. And now, he has decided that one thing that is protected by the Constitution and his favorite Supreme Court Justice, is so horrible that it should result in the loss of one’s citizenship. And that’s just what he has done on Twitter.


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