Donald Trump Just Got a Newspaper Endorsement, and It’s a Good One

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Unlike his opponent, Donald Trump only has a small handful of publications around the country that have thrown their support behind him.

While Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of liberal and conservative papers alike, some of them for the first time in over 100 years, Donald Trump recently received that of the Las Vegas Review Journal, a paper notably owned by one of his biggest supporters Sheldon Adelson.

Donald Trump’s second major endorsement came from the Crusader. For those who have not heard of this major publication, it is the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Clan.

Under the banner “Make America Great Again,” the paper’s latest issue spent the entire front page to defending Trump’s message. While the paper did not use the word, many consider it equivalent to an endorsement.

The Crusader’s Pastor Thomas Robb wrote:

“‘Make America Great Again!’ It is a slogan that has been repeatedly used by Donald Trump in his campaign for the presidency. You can see it on the shirts, buttons, posters and ball caps such as the one being worn here by Trump speaking at a recent rally … But can it happen? Can America really be great again? This is what we will soon find out!

While Trump wants to make America great again, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What made America great in the first place?’ The short answer to that is simple. America was great not because of what our forefathers did — but because of who our forefathers were.

American was founded as a White Christian Republic. And as a White Christian Republic it became great.”

Pastor Robb told The Washington Post that while the paper was not officially endorsing the GOP nominee, it was expressing its enthusiastic support for his candidacy.

“Overall, we do like his nationalist views and his words about shutting down the border to illegal aliens. It’s not an endorsement because, like anybody, there’s things you disagree with. But he kind of reflects what’s happening throughout the world. There seems to be a surge of nationalism worldwide as nationals reclaim their borders.” Robb told the Post.

The same edition that contains the praise of Trump also includes articles about Jewish links to terrorism, black on white crime and a man who claims to be Bill Clinton’s illegitimate child.

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