Is Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Going to Mexico?

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In this June 22, 2016, photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in New York. Trump's plan for replacing President Barack Obama's health law appears to be anything but solid. A nonpartisan analysis recently found it would make 18 million people uninsured. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be heading to Mexico on Wednesday according to sources close to Mr. Trump. But will he and why?

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reportedly invited both the Trump and Clinton campaigns to come to Mexico last Friday. According to the Washington Post,

Peña Nieto’s invitation was brought up, and Bannon said it offered Trump an opening to make headlines and showcase himself as a statesman who could deal directly with Mexico.

While it seems that many in the Trump camp are hopeful that a trip to Mexico could open new doors for Mr. Trump’s campaign, it could also very well do the opposite. Though Mr. Trump may be able to showcase himself as “a statesman who could deal directly with Mexico,” it goes without saying that he’s done the complete opposite in his campaign thus far. For instance, Trump’s consistent and unfounded talking point that Mexico would pay for his erroneous border wall actually elicited a response directly from Peña Nieto.

“We also have to bear in mind that the security of the United States is linked with the security of its neighboring countries,” he said. “And this is what we have built. And I’ll say it again, this is what we have been doing with the U.S. government. We have a relationship of coordination, of collaboration and of cooperation in the area of security, precisely in order to have security in Mexico, to have security in the U.S. and … we are journey companions. We are strategic partners working for security in North America.”
“There is no way that Mexico can pay [for] a wall like that,” he said.
Whether or not President Peña Nieto will give him a second chance is simply up in the air at this point in time. Fortunately, we’ll likely be able to watch the ordeal play out from the comfort of our homes.


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Lin Ortiz Delgada at

Why are you embarrassing America by calling the Mexican President Nieto? Spanish naming customs list a child by his or her father’s name first and his mother’s name second. If you have to abbreviate, which you shouldn’t, the way to do so is by the father’s name, so that would be President Peña. It would never be President Nieto.

You might as well call Donald Trump MacLeod (that last is his mother’s maiden name) “Mr. MacLeod.” Or just MacLeod.

I like the Spanish custom, which honors the mother (if by her dad’s name, but it’s a start).

I’m just saying you shouldn’t begin to comment on international matters when you don’t know the proper form of address for the President of the country next door.


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