Donald Trump’s Newest VP Pick: Gen. Stanley McChrystal

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Donald Trump’s “short list” just became longer for the second time this weekend, and for another second this weekend, a retired general was added. According to ABC News, retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal is now being considered for Trump’s running mate. McChrystal served as the top commander in Afghanistan until 2010. President Obama relieved McChrystal of his duties after the General gave a controversial interview to Rolling Stone magazine, criticizing top U.S. Officials.

Obama had very pointed and harsh words for McChrystal at the time, stating that,

“it undermines the civilian control of the military … and it erodes the trust that is necessary for our team to work together to achieve our objectives in Afghanistan.”

McChrystal’s comments displayed that he uniformly was dismissive of all civilian leadership, and in fact, actively undermined it.

Earlier this weekend, it was reported that an advisor to the Trump campaign, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, is now on Trump’s shortlist. On Sunday, on ABC News’ This Week, Flynn stated that he was pro abortion. This is in direct conflict with the Republican Party’s official position, which is anti abortion.

Both appear to be bizarre choices for a Republican presidential nominee in light of the fact that neither have any experience in politics and both would run in direct conflict with the party. However, they are right in line with Trump’s newest infatuation.

Trump is now interested in picking someone with major military experience as he believes it would help with terrorism and growing civil unrest in the U.S. Trump has also become quite enamored with the idea of picking a political outsider, something which runs in direct conflict of Trump’s stated desire to pick a political insider to make up for Trump’s inexperience in politics.

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