Donald Trump Raised No Money for the RNC in October

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Donald Trump Raised No Money for the RNC in October - Citizen Slant

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump raised no money — $0 — for the Republican National Committee, despite his campaign’s extraordinary reliance on the RNC to supply his ground game.

The Committee’s latest report to the Federal Election Commission showed no transfers from Trump Victory, the joint fundraising arrangement with the Trump Campaign. According to the Washington Post, Steve Mnuchin, the campaign’s finance chair, announced that the candidate has held his last joint fundraising event on October 19th, and no more fundraisers are planned for the party.

The victory fund allows the campaign to collect larger checks than the candidate would be allowed to collect for his campaign, and share the proceeds with the RNC and state parties. This arrangement is not unique to Trump or even Republicans. Presidential campaigns of both parties have very similar vehicles in order to work cooperatively to raise the enormous funds that are necessary to run a national election, including down ballot races.

In September, the joint fundraising arrangement directed $38.9 million to the RNC, and 10.9 million to state parties, according to FEC records.

The halt on fundraising comes at a time when it is desperately needed for phone banks, mail operations, and other get out the vote efforts that are crucial not only to the presidential campaign but those of Congress. And it is particularly damaging to Trump himself as unlike normal presidential candidates, Trump has relied almost exclusively on the RNC for his ground operations.

By contrast, the Clinton campaign has over 40 fundraisers on schedule through the election. Additionally, the Democratic nominee has a paid staff of over 800 compared to just over 150 for Trump. This, along with meticulous planning, provides the Clinton campaign with a devastating advantage over Trump in getting voters to the polls.

The RNC has its own fundraising, but the joint committees with the presidential nominees are a main source of money up and down the ballot.

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