Did Donald Trump Seriously Just Ask the Russians to Hack America?

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In one of his trademark bizarre press conferences, Donald Trump again went off of his own script which appeared to be the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton as an agent of change, and the DNC leak, Trump made unfounded claims regarding a broad range of subjects.

As the conversation moved onto Russia, Trump denied having any involvement with Russian investments. He continuously deflected when confronted by reporters regarding various times over the past years that he or his organization have claimed business with Russians.

Trump, contrary to claims he has made even on the debate stage in the primaries, on Wednesday claimed that

“I never met Putin. I don’t know who Putin is.”

Trump then only became more bizarre. He actually asked Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails stating that the U.S. press would be interested in their hacked material.

This is not only unusual for someone who is seeking the highest office in the nation, but it is unique. The Republican Nominee for President of the United States actually asked a foreign government and foreign nationals to hack into U.S. Government computers and the emails systems of the nominee of the opposing party.

No one with a straight face can argue that such claims – which are the norm for Trump – disqualify Trump from being the Commander in Chief.


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