Is Republican Nominee Donald Trump on Tape Using the N-Word?

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Donald Trump’s campaign is in a freefall after recordings were leaked showing Donald Trump making extremely lewd comments and admitting to what amounts to sexual assault. But there may be more on the horizon with allegations that among other things, Trump is on record using the N-Word.

At least that is what was tweeted on Sunday morning by Peabody and Emmy Award-winning producer Chris Nee in a tweet at Mark Cuban (which have since been deleted):

“Hey @mcuban – offer to pay the legal fees and fines of anyone who produces the hot mic tapes from #TheApprentice – last few seasons will do.”

Nee’s tweets come on the heels of a disclosure by a former producer on The Apprentice who, on Saturday, alleging that there is footage of Trump saying “far worse” than the leaked footage from ‘Access Hollywood.’ Bill Pruitt, the former producer, tweeted on Saturday:

“As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse.”


And according to Nee, footage of Trump using the N-word is only one of the far worse things that Pruitt mentioned.

According to Buzzfeed, Mark Burnett, the producer of The Apprentice — and strong Trump supporter — has “has threatened staffers who could release potentially damaging outtakes of the show.” Apparently, most Burnett employment contracts with those who worked on the show contain a $5 million penalty clause for any leaks, and Burnett has made it clear that he will sue anyone who violates the clause.

Last week, before the ‘Access Hollywood’ recording surfaced, The Associated Press reported that it had interviewed more than 20 people who were involved with the show and who spoke anonymously about Trump’s behavior during production of the show.

“A former crew member who signed a non-disclosure agreement and asked not to be identified, recalled that Trump asked male contestants whether they would sleep with a particular female contestant, then expressed his own interest.

‘We were in the boardroom one time figuring out who to blame for the task, and he just stopped in the middle and pointed to someone and said, ‘You’d f… her, wouldn’t you? I’d f… her. C’mon, wouldn’t you?”

The person continued’ “Everyone is trying to make him stop talking, and the woman is shrinking in her seat.’”

Burnett has continued to remain silent on the allegations despite requests for comment.

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