Is Donald Trump Trying to Supress His Own Votes?

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For the second day in a row, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of Colorado’s largely mail in voting system.

Colorado is a key swing state, one which has consistently been trending for Clinton, but which Trump camp is clearly looking to turn red. However, their candidate does not seem to be eager to help in that endeavor.

The GOP nominee started his rally in Greeley, Colorado, by encouraging his supporters to “make sure” their ballots are properly counted, saying that he is a “skeptical person” when it comes to the state’s largely vote by mail system. He then asked his supporters to get a “new ballot” in person at a local polling location.

“They’ll give you a ballot, a new ballot. They’ll void your old ballot, they will give you a new ballot. And you can go out and make sure it gets in.”

Registered voters in Colorado automatically receive a ballot by mail. However, they can request a new ballot or vote in person if they have not yet mailed in their completed ballot. Implying that the state’s system may be compromised because of voter fraud, he said “In some places they probably do that four or five times. We don’t do that. But that’s great.”

It appeared that Trump was encouraging his voters to try to obtain a new ballot even if they had already mailed in theirs as he continued his claim that mailed in ballots are ignored with some regularity. He told repeated claims he had made the night before saying he has “real problems with ballots being sent” and added that the system could enable some people to vote more than once.

Placing doubt into the legitimacy of mail-in voting can easily backfire by suppressing the vote of his own supporters in the state.

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