On Election Day Interviews, Donald Trump Hints He May Not Accept Results

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Donald Trump has spent months railing against various groups and systems, including the entire election system, saying that they are rigged.

He has warned of voter fraud, corruption and collusion in the media, and the purportedly ‘rigged’ system as a whole. He has signaled multiple times that he may not accept the outcome of the election, perhaps most famously, during the third and final presidential election, where he answered moderator Chris Wallace by saying “we’ll see.”

Among the most popular questions asked by reporters on Election Day is whether the GOP nominee will concede the race should he be declared the loser on Tuesday night.

Appearing at radio interviews on Election Day, Trump still is signaling that he may not accept the results. On AM Tampa Bay on 970 WFLA, Trump was asked if he’ll contest the results if they are close.

“Well if I think there’s something that was wrong. Did you notice, when I brought this up a few months ago, Obama, and others said, ‘oh, this is the foundation of our country’ but eight years ago, he was basically saying that Chicago is rigged. I don’t know if you saw that clip. But he talks up, like, ‘oh, this is the foundation how dare he question the foundation’ and all of this. Oh, give me a break. What’ going on in Philadelphia and Chicago and St. Louis and lots of others, for years it’s legendary OK, talked about for years. They have a clip of Obama basically saying that Chicago elections are rigged. And I say to myself, ‘can you believe that?’

Trump was referring to the video clip of then-Senator Obama speaking about Republicans and Democrats attempts to ’tilt’ elections in their favor and discussing ways to investigate vote fraud and give voters more ballot access.

“So, no, if I think everything’s on the up and up, that’s a lot different, and we can only see what happens, I hope it’s going to be very fair. I think we’re going to do very well.”

In a separate interview on Tuesday, the Republican nominee said he “wants to see what happens” before accepting the results. Speaking to Newsradio 610 WTVN, he said,

“I want to see what happens, you know, how it goes as per our previous little chat. You know, you want to see. You hear so many horrible stories and you see so many things that are wrong. So we’ll take a look. Certainly, I love this country and I believe in the system, you understand that.”

In vintage Trump fashion, he continued to question the results, while at the same time making statements to the contrary by following up his expressions of doubt with phrases like “I believe in the system.”

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