‘The Epitome of Tone Deaf’: CNN Conservative Political Pundit Blasts Steve Mnuchin’s Wife for Instagram Rant

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CNN Panel criticizes Louise Linton, Steven Mnuchin's wife - CitizenSlant

Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, has been on the receiving end of wide backlash from across the political spectrum after she flaunted her wealth and “self-sacrifice’ to the country in an attempt to mock a woman.

During a segment focused on Linton, a CNN panel criticized the Scottish actress over her offensive rant on Instagram. Host John Berman began by highlighting some of Linton’s comments, and then seeking White House correspondent April Ryan’s reaction.

“She had a Birkin bag, I think it’s at least $10,000,” Ryan explained to Berman. “When you are a public servant — and even if you’re married to a public servant — you have to remember service is about the people. Many of the people that you’re serving can’t afford a Birkin bag that’s at least $10,000, or a beautiful scarf by whatever designer it was.”

Ryan pointed out that Linton looked “beautiful” and like a “model” pictured exiting a U.S. government jet with her husband, Steven Mnuchin. However, she pointed out that when you are on an official government trip, you have to think about different optics — the people that your husband is there to serve.

“You have to remember many of the people your husband is serving can just barely make it there, trying to make ends meet, unemployed, underemployed or just making it,” she said. “You have to be very careful how you flash your wealth and flash your status, particularly as you are serving people.”

Perhaps the most appropriate phrase was what conservative pundit David Drucker said after Ryan’s comments. “The epitome of tone deaf,” he said, repeating a second time for emphasis. Drucker also made clear that his remark applied both to Linton’s response to the woman and to her original post in which she bragged about the various luxury items of clothing that she was wearing.

Watch the segment via CNN below:

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