Erica Garner Says She was ‘Lied to’ by ABC

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Erica Garner - citizen slant

On Thursday, President Obama held a Town Hall meeting to discuss race relations. The meeting took place in Washington D.C. and aired on ABC. Most of the guests in attendance had been affected by police violence in some way in the United States.

Attendees included the families of Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, and police officers.

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, had reportedly attended the Town Hall under the impression that she would be able to ask a question about her father’s case. However, she never got that opportunity.

Garner posted on Twitter about the ordeal:

In a video that Garner later sent to Huffington Post, she claims that,

“ABC is using black lives as a rating and to get paid… They guaranteed me that I would be asking the president direct questions about what’s going on. I was lied to.”

According to Garner’s political advisor, Reggie Harris, she was invited to the Town Hall to speak and considered to be a “major political figure.”

Garner described her reaction to the fact that she wasn’t able to speak:

“I had to stage a walkout by myself… And I went out there I had to yell, scream, and eventually I was able to speak to the president. It’s a shame as black people that we have to yell and become belligerent to have our voices heard.”

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