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5 Important Facts About the Fatal Building Collapse in Tel Aviv

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5 important facts about the building collapse in tel aviv - citizen slant
Photo: BBC

A four story parking garage that was under construction collapsed in Tel Aviv on Monday. A fire brigade spokesperson stated that part of the multi-story building had collapsed causing a crane to become unstable and fall which then, in turn brought down more of the building.

Here are 5 important facts on the incident:

1. Currently, there are two confirmed fatalities. There are four more people who are missing or unaccounted for.

2. There are at least 20 people wounded with one individual reported as critically injured.

3. About five to seven people are still trapped in the rubble. Israel’s ambulance service originally had said that as many as 20 people were trapped in the rubble.

4. The incident occurred mid day in the northern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Ramat Hahayal adjacent to a hospital and buildings housing high tech offices and restaurants.

5. The cause of the collapse is still unknown. As rescue workers try to free those that are trapped in the debris, there is still concern of further collapse of the structure, causing further complications in the rescue effort.

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