5 Crucial Facts on the Twin Bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan

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5 Crucial Facts about the Twin Bomb Attack in Kabul - citizen slant
Photo: BBC

Two bomb blasts rocked the Afghan capital of Kabul on Monday near the defense ministry, government officials said.

Here are five important facts on the tragic event:

1. There are at least 24 fatalities so far with the number expected to increase. At least 91 people have been reported as injured.

2. Among the dead are an Afghan army general and two senior police officers, according to a ministry of defense spokesperson.

3. The first bomb was detonated by remote, while the second one was triggered by a suicide bomber, according to local media.

4. The Taliban — who have carried out frequent attacks in the capital — have claimed responsibility for the bombings.

5. The suicide bomber waited and struck as security forces were gathered to deal with the original blast in order to maximize casualties. All civilians, police and soldiers were killed as ministry employees were leaving during rush hour.

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