Flynn Offers to Testify on Russia Ties, But He Has Conditions

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Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn reportedly has told the FBI that he is willing to testify in the investigation into any links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

However, the former Trump adviser is asking to immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal.

Flynn agreed to resign from the Trump White House in February after it was revealed that he mislead White House — particularly Vice President Mike Pence — regarding the extent and content of his communications with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak during the transition period before Trump’s inauguration.

The offer has been made to the FBI as well as both the House of Representatives and the Senate intelligence committees by Flynn’s counsel but so far, no offer of immunity has been made by any of the bodies.

The revelation signals that clearly, Flynn and his team believe that he has criminal exposure in connection with his Russian ties.

Flynn’s resignation came hours after it was reported that the Justice Department had warned the White House weeks ago that Flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail for contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Trump took power on Jan. 20. Flynn’s departure was a sobering development in Trump’s young presidency.

The communications with the Russian ambassador are not the only sources of concern with Flynn. He was also paid tens of thousands of dollars by three Russian Companies, including Russia’s state-sponsored media unite, RT, for speeches that he made shortly before he became a formal adviser to Trump’s campaign.

Democratic lawmakers have asked for a copy of the security clearance form that Flynn submitted before joining Trump’s White House in order to determine whether he disclosed the source of his foreign income. They have also requested that the Defense Department to investigate whether the retired Army general violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause by accepting money from RT.

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