WATCH: Guest on Fox Compares Voter Fraud to Speeding on a Highway Without Punishment

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During the October 27 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, a guest compared ‘voter fraud’ to speeding on a highway without getting caught.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): So, this is a real thing. Voter fraud is really happening.

CATHERINE ENGELBRECHT: Yeah, it absolutely is happening, and I think the message to everybody that’s going out to cast their votes is to make sure that, be they voting on paper ballot or by electronic machine, that in the end their vote represents who they want to vote for, and if that’s not the case, that they report that immediately. Because we’ve got to get the word out that there are problems.

EARHARDT: What do you make of the judge in Potter City saying it’s your fault, it’s the voter’s fault?

ENGELBRECHT: There certainly could be user error. There’s also a huge technology gap. We’re talking about technology being used in many parts of the country that’s circa-2003. Think about what we still have in our world that we would consider useable, technologically speaking, that’s from 2003. We have problems and we need to fix them and we can’t forget that this is happening now because the solutions are going to take us well beyond Election Day to get put in place.

EARHARDT: Well, some of these have gone to court. Some of these cases have gone to court, and if you look at the numbers, they are pretty staggering when you think about this. Fraud cases in the state of Texas since 2002, 89 are the number of cases that have been prosecuted in the state of Texas. Seventy are the number of cases of election fraud resulting in convictions. So, they can’t say it’s user error there. These are convictions.

ENGELBRECHT: Right, and for every conviction, you have, goodness knows, hundreds that go without conviction, because by the time you get through a multiyear process of litigation and the dollars that it takes to prosecute, you know, it’s as if saying if you are speeding down the highway and you don’t get a ticket, that you are not really speeding. There’s a lot of fraud happening.

Transcript via Media Matters. 

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