French Court Tells Mayors What They Can’t Do With Burkinis

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Protesters demonstrate against France's ban of the burkini, outside the French Embassy in London, Britain August 25, 2016. REUTERS/Neil Hall

According to the French Council of State in a ruling on Friday, French mayors do not have the right to ban burkinis. The ruling effectively suspends the bans on the burkini in place in several French cities and towns.

Fifteen towns in France had banned the burkini, a swimsuit used by Muslim women, after pushes from the far right in France. However, when a Muslim woman wearing a burkini was forced to remove part of her clothing in front of armed law enforcement on a French beach, serious public outcry ensued.

However, authorities in Nice defended the officers actions, saying that they were simply exercising their duties as officers.

Many have expressed outrage at the French laws across the world. In London, for example, demonstrators organized a protest, creating a makeshift beach and hosting a “Wear what you want beach party” outside of the French Embassy on Thursday.

As CNN reports,

“Officials say the ban on the burkini — worn mostly by Muslim women — was a response to growing terror concerns.
Human rights activists argue that such measures are illegal, and that pushes to outlaw the garment are Islamophobic.”
A sharp divide exists between those who claim that the burkini bans were born out of concerns for terrorist attacks and those who claim that the bans were examples of blatant Islamaphobia.

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