‘There’s a Game of Thrones Quality to This White House’: Chris Wallace Lights Up Trump After Sean Spicer Resignation

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As another theme week comes to an end with the theme all but getting lost in the chaos that is Donald Trump, a stunned Chris Wallace commented after Sean Spicer’s resignation, a major shakeup in the White House to close ‘Made in America’ week.

Fox News host Harris Faulker began by asking Wallace about the Spicer resignation. “This  talk about Sean Spicer leaving as White House press secretary, is there anything any of us that we should be looking at as maybe it was a one., two, three or is it not connected?”

“The only way they’re connected is there is tremendous disarray in the White House,” Wallace answered, “both on policy and on communications and of course, the whole point of communications is to advance policy.”

“I mean think of it, this was supposed to be ‘Made in America’ week,” Wallace continued expressing the frustration of White House aides as yet another theme week’s message has been completely stepped on by Trump’s inability to keep on message and stay away from causing chaos.

There is a ‘Game of Thrones’ quality to the White House,” Wallace joked. “You do have various power centers that are colliding with each other, whether its Steve Bannon — though not so much him anymore — Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, the kind of harder nationalist group, people like Peter Navarro in trade and Stephen Miller in speeches. Gary Cohn and Mnuchin who are more globalist when it comes to policies.”

“To a certain extent, this has been the team the president has wanted and he’s known there have been divisions amongst it,” Wallace said.

The move to bring on Anthony Scaramucci, a hedge fund manager with no relevant experience, as White House Communications Director caps a week which was already thrown off the rails by Trump. Earlier in the week, the President created controversy once again by mouthing off to the New York Times going after his entire Justice Department from his Attorney General and longtime supporter Jeff Sessions to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Watch the exchange with Faulker and Wallace via Fox News below:

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