Twitter: Donald Trump Thinks Geneva Conventions are ‘Out of Date’

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On Tuesday, Donald Trump apparently claimed that, not only are the Geneva Conventions ‘out of date’, but everything is outdated. 

Donald Trump hastily announced a press conference on Wednesday which was not connected to any breaking news or event. To some, it appeared to be a desperate attempt to break up the momentum of the Democratic National Convention precisely at its halfway point.

Trump appeared to have a script of speaking about the Democratic National Convention, specifically in terms of the lack of American flags, Hillary Clinton as an agent of change, and the DNC hacked email leak.

What ensued was vintage Trump as he continued to launch into tangents in order to either boast about himself or attack anyone but himself. Once he opened up to questions, the press conference veered completely out of control as Mr. Trump felt compelled to answer every question rather than keeping on his message.

Trump made multiple statements and claims which have each been significantly criticized, perhaps the most outrageous being his seeming invitation for Russia to hack U.S. Government servers and Hillary Clinton’s email servers.

At one point, NBC’s Katy Tur asked Mr. Trump whether he felt that the Geneva Conventions were outdated. Trump replied “I think everything is outdated.”

Again, Trump demonstrated that he does not even have a rudimentary understanding of basic national and world topics. His comment was along the lines of his recent comment when he met with congressional members in Washington. On that occasion, Trump was asked whether he would protect Article I of the Constitution. Trump replied that “I will protect Article I, Article II, Article XII – go down the list.” Of course, the Constitution does not have an Article XII.

Not only that, Trump demonstrates time and time again that not only does he not have any knowledge of virtually any of the subjects related to the position for which he is running, but he has no desire to even learn about them. Additionally, while admittedly ignorant of the subjects, he has absolutely no issue with expressing opinions on them and taking positions on them both today and if he wins the presidency.

Twitter subsequently began tweeting about the absurdity of the comment.


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