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What Georgetown University is Doing to Try to Reconcile it’s Slavery Past

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According to the New York Times, almost two centuries after Georgetown University profited from the sale of 272 slaves, the university is taking steps to reconcile it’s slavery past.

The university has announced that it is working towards providing certain privileges to descendants of slaves so as to atone it’s past with slavery. Privileges include preferential status in admissions to the descendants of those who were enslaved.

The president of Georgetown, John J. DeGioia, is set to discuss exactly what the university plans to do in a speech on Thursday afternoon. He plans to offer a formal apology, create an institute for the study of slavery, and put up a memorial for those who were enslaved. There are also plans to rename two campus buildings — “one for an enslaved African-American man and the other for an African-American educator who belonged to a Catholic religious order.”

Professor Wilder, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained,

“It goes farther than just about any institution… I think it’s to Georgetown’s credit. It’s taking steps that a lot of universities have been reluctant to take.”

Wilder continued, however, to express concern that these changes may not actually bring about real change.
As the New York Times reports,
“[Professor Wilder] cautioned that the significance of the preferential status in admissions would rest heavily on the degree to which Georgetown invested in outreach to descendants, including identifying them, making sure they are aware of the benefit’s existence and actively recruiting them to the university.”


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