Glenn Beck: ‘Michelle Obama’s Words Hit Me Where I Live’

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Glenn Beck: 'Michelle Obama's Words Hit Me Where I Live' - Citizen Slant
Photo: Talking Points Memo

In a recent interview, after the release of Donald Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ recording, Glenn Beck watched a video of Michelle Obama giving a speech while campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Standing in front of a packed house in a New Hampshire gymnasium, the First Lady slammed the GOP nominee for his comments, calling them ‘disgraceful’ and ‘intolerable.’ Mrs. Obama said that the comments transcended party politics, “It doesn’t matter what party you belong to — Democrat, Republican, Independent — no woman deserves to be treated this way.”

On his radio program that day — October 13th — clearly moved by the First Lady’s words as he called them “the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan.”

Speaking to the New Yorker, he said “Those words hit me where I live. If you’re a decent human being, those words were dead on.”

The conservative commentator who used to peddle in some of the conspiracy theories that the GOP nominee now champions when he worked for Fox News, has apparently done quite a bit of soul-searching. He told the New Yorker “I did a lot of freaking out about Barack Obama.” Indeed, in his Fox News days, he went so far as to call the President a racist, saying that he had a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” Now he says “Obama made me a better man.”

In his recent interview, he said “There are things unique to the African American experience that I cannot relate to. I had to listen to them.”

Beck supported Sen. Ted Cruz during the Republican primaries and has railed against Donald Trump. He described his experience with Donald Trump and said “This guy is dangerously unhinged.”

The TV and radio host has said that opposing Trump is the “moral, ethical” choice, even if it means that Hillary Clinton is elected president.

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