Meet the Latest Goldman Sachs Alum Joining the Trump Government

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Anthony Scaramucci - CitizenSlant
Photo: Reuters

Hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs alum Anthony Scaramucci has accepted a job to serve as a top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump.

As top White House adviser to the president, he will be tasked with coordinating the administration’s outreach to the nation’s financial world, and key members of the political community.

In the lobby of Trump Tower on Friday, Scaramucci described his role to reporters as “being the office of public liaison. Really trying to get the president’s message out not only in the inter-governmental agencies, but also the commercial message to both American business and the international business community.”

Known as “the Mooch,” Scaramucci was an early supporter of Scott Walker and then Jeb Bush, finally coming around to Trump early last summer when he had become the presumptive nominee for the Republican party. Still, his stock seems to have risen quickly within Trump’s circle as he has played a prominent role in the Trump transition team.

The hedge fund manager, whose SkyBridge Capital is a hedge fund of hedge funds, went on to raise a lot of money for the President-elect and, like many other members of the Trump White House, is a former Goldman Sachs employee.

“One of my other personal goals is though to get the American people, and all the American people, to see President Trump the way I see him — in terms of his kindness, who he is as a guy, and how he wants all of the American people to win alongside the administration,” he said to reporters on Friday, adding “I like everything about the guy.”

Those sentiments were not always the case. Scaramucci once called his new boss an “inherited money dude from Queens County.” At the same time, he becomes the latest Trump pick to be the embodiment of everything he vilified during the campaign, as he is part of the global financial elite and a hedge fund manager, which Trump once said allows people to “get away with murder.”

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