GOP Congressman Denies Role in Trump Administration

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Chris Collins - CitizenSlant
Photo: WHEC

Republican Congressman Chris Collins (N.Y.), one of President-elect Trump’s early and staunch supporters, on Wednesday said that he won’t be taking any position in the incoming White House.

Collins, who has been working for the President-elect’s transition team, said to CNN “I explained to the President-elect on the morning of the election that I was staying in Congress.”

“At this stage in my life I am staying put in Congress. You know, [Trump] honored me by making me … congressional liaison to the transition team and I am helping put forth names,” he added (the CNN video above erroneously mentions the handle for Democratic Senator from Delaware Chris Coons).

When asked about what types of names are being considered by the upcoming administration and whether or not there will be any bipartisan appointments, Collins said that the transition team is looking for “the best and brightest.”

“I’ve actually put four Democrat names on the table myself, and so we are looking for the best and brightest and that doesn’t necessarily exclude any Democrats,” Collins said, adding that he is not in a position to reveal who they are.

The Congressman did, however, reveal that any Democrat appointments will likely not be at the secretary level, but at the under-secretary one. “but yes, I can see a Democrat entering the administration at the under-secretary, you know, who knows even at the secretary level … I have a lot of good friends who are Democrats, we just agree to disagree on national policy,” Collins said.

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Frank Peters at

Trump involvement/Trump team involvement in hacking of the U.S. election must be thoroughly investigated and punched it, e.g. impeach the President elect immeditely. We have to make sure that this would be the first and last involvement of Russia Gov’t in any U. S. election. Period!!!

Frank Peters at

Trump won the presidency because the system is rigged. No way someone has more votes and lost. This is unamerican and undemocratic. Trump is trying to control the globe like is own company? Impeach this rigged man!!!!!!


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