GOP Operatives Sought, Tapper and Twitter Delivered #TapperDirtFile

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Jake Tapper - CitizenSlant

GOP operatives are reportedly targeting CNN anchor Jake Tapper. So he decided that he was going to beat them to the punch by delivering #TapperDirtFile.

Tapper has been delivering some fiery interviews, the most recent, an epic 25 minute marathon where he blasted Trump’s top adviser Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday in an interview which quickly went viral.

In response to rumblings of discontent from the GOP, Tapper tweeted “So now we sit and wait to see which obedient attack dog follows orders. Arf arf!!”

And when informed that GOP operatives were actually looking for dirt, he tweeted in response “is this speculation or based on reporting?” adding, “btw operatives would get pretty bored pretty quick. Just an old dad who works hard and loves his family. #sorrynotsorry”

The anchor then began posting “dirt” under the hashtag #TapperDirtFile and Twitter followed causing it to be trending virtually all day. Here are some of the best from the tag (not from Tapper himself):

And some real Jake Tapper facts (at least some may be) from the anchor himself:

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