How Does Mr. ‘Great Judgment’ Explain His First Pick for Vice President

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Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has patted himself on the back for having the ‘best judgment’ and that he surrounds himself with the ‘best people’ while berating his Democratic rival for having ‘bad judgment.’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie virtually immediately endorsed Donald Trump after Christie dropped out of the Republican primaries, and since then has become one of his top advisers and closest aides, famously even going to fetch Trump’s McDonald’s order.

On Thursday, a jury found two of Chris Christie guilty of all charges in connection with what has been dubbed Bridgegate — the scheme cooked up by Team Christie in 2013 to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge, one of the busiest in the nation, as an act of alleged political retribution.

While Chris Christie has continuously denied any knowledge of the scheme, and has claimed that he only learned of it after it was uncovered by the press, that is not exactly turning out to be true. In fact, in mid October, a judge referred the matter to state prosecutors to consider possible criminal charges against Christie.

Additionally, even before the ruling by the judge, and even before Christie ever endorsed him, Donald Trump, himself, said unequivocally that Christie “totally knew about it.”

But even though Trump said that Christie was in on Bridgegate, and knowing that there was a criminal trial that could implicate Christie, or at least be immensely damaging to Christie and his credibility, on July 12 of this year, he offered Christie the Republican vice president job — to be Trump’s running mate at the top of the Republican ticket.

It was only because Paul Manafort tricked the GOP nominee to staying in Indiana an extra night that caused Trump to change his mind and pick Mike Pence. Of course, Paul Manafort is now gone, replaced by Alt Right hero Steve Bannon, and Christie continues to be one of Trump’s closest advisers and the head of his transition team — the largest team in the Camp Trump.

As if that wasn’t enough, the businessman turned politician actually doubled down on Bridgegate-related hires. In August of this year, Trump hired Bill Stepien, a former Christie aide who was fired because of Bridgegate, to head Trump’s voter turnout operation.

Indeed, Donald Trump has proven that he has ‘great judgment’ and picks all the ‘best people.’


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