Video Captures Chilling Moment When Gunman Opened Fire in Istanbul

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Surveillance footage that has been released captures the terrifying scene of the Istanbul nightclub shooting that occurred in the early hours of the morning on New Year’s Day.

The attack occurred at Reina nightclub about an hour into the New Year and claimed the lives of at least 39 people. Nearly 70 others were injured and the shooter remains at large.

A video posted by the Ankara Times (seen above) shows patrons taking cover inside the front door as they hear the first shots. The gunman enters with an automatic rifle and begins shooting. The footage stops shortly after he aims at another patron and a flash erupts from his gun.

Other videos have also been released that depict this horrifying attack. Haberdar posted an earlier video that shows the gunman running toward the nightclub after firing on the street, striking a passerby.



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