Why ‘Hacking Hillary’ is Just Another Symptom of a Broken Strategy

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Trump supporters on Twitter have resorted to using #HackingHillary as the latest symptom of the very broken strategy that they continue to employ.

During Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s first public appearance to discuss Trump’s trip to Mexico, Clinton apparently had a coughing fit.

However, rather than acknowledge that this happens to most people at some point or another, Trump supporters have used the event to further their claim that Clinton’s health is failing.

Trump’s supporters continue to watch Clinton’s every move — waiting for any sign of less than impeccable health. As such, #HackingHillary’s popularity on Twitter only serves to display the sheer ignorance of the argument that Clinton’s coughing is somehow indicative of her inability to hold office. The fact that Trump supporters have resorted to falsifying claims about Clinton’s health does nothing more than show their desperation.

At some point, one has to ask: what could Clinton do to make this any better? It seems that nothing that she does can put the conspiracy theories to rest.

The most troubling aspect of this, however, is how much weight those very conspiracy theories are beginning to hold in the public sphere. We have seen rumor after rumor enter the conversation — each new theory resting on the tiniest amount of circumstantial evidence.


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