Hannity Proves Why He Was Recently Called ‘Dumbest Anchor on Fox News’

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Last week, Sean Hannity went on a Twitter tirade after a Wall Street editor called him the ‘dumbest anchor on Fox News.’ This week, Hannity spent the better part of the week proving it.

Sean Hannity has made a career on Fox News of heavily spun right wing propaganda. It is not unusual for Hannity to toil in conspiracy theories to advance a right wing agenda.

However, this week, Hannity may have gone too far on a limb even for Hannity. Perhaps it is a reflection of the current state of desperation for the Republican Party and Hannity’s favorite candidate, Donald Trump. Regardless, Hannity spent most of this past week conducting an ‘investigation’ into Hillary Clinton’s health.

Hannity’s ‘investigation’ into the Democratic nominee’s health included such scholarly questions as to whether her laugh appeared “seizure-esque” and pointing out a photo of Clinton slipping on a flight of stairs as proof of her physical instability.

In typical fashion, Hannity accused the mainstream media of intentionally masking or avoiding questions about Clinton’s health that have been circulating in conservative and fringe sites ever since she was treated for a blood clot in her head in January, 2013. The blood clot was noticed subsequent to Clinton suffering a concussion after a fall.

The Fox News host even assembled a panel of medical experts on Thursday, including Trump surrogate and former presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

Hannity claimed that “She’s falling … You’ve got this sort of twitching thing that she does in front of reporters that was really bad. There’s been a number of incidents and reports that she fell.” As proof, he continuously played a video clip of Hillary Clinton bobbing her head back and forth when speaking to reporters in June.

“I mean it’s a violent, violent, repetitive jerking of the head here,” he said. “You can see it’s uncontrollable.” Then, Marc Siegel, Fox medical correspondent, provided his professional medical opinion by stating that the Clinton bobbing her head could be the result of “brain damage” which she sustained from the concussion.

Fellow Fox medical correspondent David Samadi then joined by saying that the motion “certainly could be” a seizure. “That can have long term effects, that can have effects on gait, on balance,” Siegel added.

The crack team of experts — Hannity certainly included — also claimed that Clinton’s public speeches were potentially suspect “brain freezes.”

Not that it would matter to Hannity, but Mrs. Clinton’s doctor released a letter last July summarizing her medical history and saying she was in “excellent” health.

He continued to challenge facts and science. And as proof, he showed his audience a photo of a Secret Service agent holding what some conservative sites claimed was a diazepam pen to treat seizures. Snopes, the fact-checking site, later revealed that the object was a small flashlight.

Hannity also points to clips of Clinton coughing and photos of what he labels as “off” facial expressions as proof that she may be suffering from long term brain damage.

Hannity certainly set out to prove that the Democratic nominee’s health is ailing, but appears to have proven the claims that the Wall Street Journal editor made the week before.

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