Henry Kissinger to Meet Donald Trump at Trump Tower

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Henry Kissinger to Meet Donald Trump at Trump Tower - CitizenSlant
Photo: ABC News

Former Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will meet with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday, according to pool reporters at Trump Tower.

Kissinger was originally nominated by Richard Nixon, and continued serving the Ford administration after Nixon resigned the presidency. This is not the first meeting between the two. the former Secretary of State has met Trump twice before — once during the campaign, and again, after his victory.

Kissinger also met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, which was speculated as an attempt to China’s concerns about the incoming Trump administration. However, on the same day, Trump inflamed relations by first speaking to Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen and then attacking China for protesting the move. Trump’s call with Taiwan was the first by a president or president-elect since President Jimmy Carter broke off diplomatic relations, recognizing the so-called “One China” policy — that Beijing is China’s only government.

Contrary to initial reports, the call was not just a spontaneous, congratulatory call. Rather, it had been planned for a period of months — even before Trump won the presidency — and reflects the views of hard line advisers urging Trump to take a tough opening line with China, according to sources familiar with the discussion about Taiwan and China.

Some of the GOP’s most staunch supporters of Taiwan have active roles in Trump’s transition team, and others in the conservative foreign policy community see a historic opportunity to reset relations with Taiwan and reposition it as a more strategic ally in East Asia.

Kissinger has said that he was “impressed” by China’s reaction to Trump. “At this moment I’ve been very impressed at the calm reaction of the Chinese leadership, which suggests a determination to see whether a calm dialogue can be developed,” he said at an event sponsored by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

On Monday, the President-elect also met with Robert McFarland, who was President Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser from 1983 to 1985. Trump transition spokesperson Jason Miller told pool reporters that McFarland had a “great discussion with the President-elect’s national security team.”



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