House Intel Rep. Connects the Dots Between Trump Associates and Russian Collusion: These Are Not Coincidences

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Eric Swalwell - CitizenSlant

Following the latest defiant letter from former Trump associate Carter Page to the U.S. Senate, House Intel Committee member Eric Swalwell said that the mounting evidence can no longer be chalked up to coincidence.

The California Democrat said that the emerging evidence is not just smoke, but that there is, indeed, ‘fire’ in the Trump Russia investigation, meaning that there was likely collusion by certain Trump associates and Russian officials in the meddling into the U.S. presidential elections.

Swalwell is one of the members who has not only been involved in the Trump-Russia investigation from the outset, but he is also a member of the CIA Subcommittee of the Intel Committee, putting him in a place where he is privy to a significant amount of classified evidence on the matter.

“I have seen the evidence on that. I think the best thing we can do on our committee is to follow that evidence and review all relevant documents and hear from all relevant witnesses and see if Carter Page is serious about coming in and answering the tough questions,” Swalwell told CNN on Friday.

When pressed by host Brianna Keilar regarding how he knows that there is collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials, Swalwell responded, “It’s the evidence  that I’ve reviewed on the classified side — you don’t have to be a lawyer and don’t have to have access to classified information to see behavior of people like Carter Page, also Roger Stone who told the world months before John Podesta’s e-mails were released that John Podesta was about to spend his time in the barrel.”

“That’s information we now know he received while he was communicating with Guccifer2.0 that received the hacked Democratic Party e-mails,” he added.

“Also, Brianna, there’s what we call ‘consciousness of guilt’ behavior,” Swalwell continued. These are individuals who denied having meetings with the Russians and then when confronted finally had to fess up or step aside like General Michael Flynn who had talked to the Russian Ambassador and lied to the vice president about it.”

“And then, of course, our attorney general twice asked by the Senate if he had ever met the Russian Ambassador or anyone with the Russian government and he said no and when it was later learned that he had, he said he had just been forgetful. These do not appear to be coincidences. They appear to be a convergence,” the Democratic Rep. added.

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