Ice Cream Shop Introduces ImPeach Sundae with ‘Nuts from the Cabinet’

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Franklin Foundation ImPeach Sundae - CitizenSlant

Famous Philadelphia ice cream shop Franklin Foundation has introduced an ImPeach Sundae for those who are into news from Washington D.C.

The parlor posted a photo of its new sundae option on Instagram on Monday. Listed as “Jerk’s Choice” (as in soda jerk), it is made up of peach ice cream “smothered in nuts from the cabinet, with a side of our orange colored Tomato Ice Cream topped with Cheetos,” according to the post.

“May be served with tiny demitasse spoon per request, to make any hands look huge,” the ice cream shop wrote in the Instagram caption.

According to BillyPenn.com, it is “a real thing — you can scoop it up now at the historical throwback shop in Old City for $9. It will be available until the supply of tomato ice cream runs out,” according to co-owner Eric Berley.

Berley said that he came up with the idea for the sundae with help from his brother — who is also his business partner — who recommended inclusion of Cheetos.

He says that he has other ideas for future treats. He plans to come up with a recipe for bastani sonnati — a traditional Persian ice cream — as part of a “soft protest” against Donald Trump’s travel ban.

It is meant as a “reference to sharing the message that being American is a melting pot of many countries, including our own heritage from both Eastern and Western Europe, with staff and family from around the world,” Berley told the publication.

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