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5 Important Facts You Need to Know about Townville Elementary Shooting

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5 Important Facts You Need to Know About the Townville Elementary Shooting
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Townville Elementary School in Anderson County, South Carolina was the site of a shooting on Wednesday. The incident took place sometime after 1 p.m. local time.

Here are five important facts on this tragedy:

1. The suspect is a teenager and is currently in police custody. Fox Carolina reported that there is one person in custody. There is no indication whether there are other suspect that are at large.

The shooter never entered the school building. He was apprehended by firefighter Jamie Brock, a 30-year veteran of the Townville Volunteer Fire Department, according to Anderson County sheriff’s Lt. Sheila Cole.

2. There are reports that at least three people who have been transported from the school with injuries. Mike Ellis of the Independent Mail reports that two children have been injured and one adult is dead.

The one casualty was found close to the scene but not at the school, itself. The teen apparently gunned down his father, 47 year old Jeffrey Osborne, at their home before going to the school.

3. According to Justin Lee Campbell of the Seneca Journal, CPR was being performed on one student at the school. Nigel Robertson reports that two children have been airlifted to GHS and one teacher has been taken to AnMed Hospital.

4. Highway 24 leading to the school has been closed by emergency services officials. Students are being bussed to nearby Oak Dale Church so that they can be picked up.

5. The shooting is the 37th school shooting of 2016 and the sixth in the current school year according to Everytown for Gun Safety’s tracker.

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