What Ivanka Trump Has to Say About Her Father’s Health

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ivanka trump - citizen slant

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka appeared on Good Morning America and discussed what she thinks about her father’s health.

Before Donald Trump is set to appear in the Dr. Oz Show to discuss his health (or, rather, speculate about his health since they won’t actually be discussing his medical records), Ivanka praised her father’s ‘stamina’ and ‘unbelievable’ health.

“The strength, the stamina that is required of what he does every day is unbelievable,” Ivanka told Good Morning America on Wednesday morning.

Ivanka also used the appearance to place the blame on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary clinton for the lack of paid parental leave in America.

“Respectfully, Hillary Clinton has been around for decades, and there’s no policy benefiting either mothers or fathers in terms of paid leave… We have not been in public office for the last several decades, and she has. So she could have instituted some of those policies in that role and has not done so.”

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