Ivanka Trump’s Attempt at Talking About Religious Tolerance Did Not Fare Well on Twitter

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Ivanka Trump - CitizenSlant

In a tweet on Friday night, Ivanka Trump said that “America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance,” and continued to urge people to “protect our houses of worship and religious centers.”

Ivanka ended her post with the hashtag #JCC, which was a clear reference to a wave of bomb hoaxes against Jewish Community Centers across the country.

However, the tweet was not well received by other users.

Many Twitter users posed the same question to Ivanka in some form or another — would she pass on this same message of religious tolerance to her father? Her post was seen as being ironic, considering that Steve Bannon has been accused of anti-Semitisim.

Users also shed light on the post’s irony as Ivanka’s father has spearheaded a campaign that demonizes Muslims through his so-called Muslim ban, which has since been halted by the 9th district court of appeals.

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