Jake Tapper Perfectly Captures Bannon’s Aspirations: ‘His Goal is to Blow Everything Up’

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Jake Tapper - CitizenSlant

During an interview with GQ, CNN’s Jake Tapper perfectly captured White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s ambitions.

Tapper explained to GQ,

“Steve Bannon has made it clear. His goal is to blow everything up.”

According to the CNN host, this is Bannon’s true motivation behind the repeated attacks on the media by the Trump administration. They are trying to establish a society where “there’s no confidence in anything except for President Trump.”

He continued to argue that if the president “stopped the nonsense, he has the potential to be a very effective president.”

Tapper explained,

“The Republican officeholders in Washington are terrified of him. He is, by nature, a deal-maker, and not particularly ideological. He could be a very effective president, but he keeps undermining himself with conspiracy theories and the attempt to undermine anyone who provides any sort of check or balance.”

As of the last several months, Tapper has been targeted by critics that have threatened to both uncover and release damaging information about him. However, he told GQ that he’s completely unbothered, saying,

“I don’t even know how many of them are real people, how many of them are Macedonian teenagers who are paid: ‘Here’s a list of 30 American journalists, go after them.’ I don’t know what’s real anymore.”


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