James Franco Says Yoda is Hillary Clinton’s Apprentice

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James Franco Says Yoda is Hillary Clinton's Apprentice - Citizen Slant

James Franco has become a big Hillary Clinton fan releasing his second ad supporting the Democratic presidential nominee.

Themed after the well known Dos Equis ads featuring the “Most Interesting Man in the World,” Franco talks about his pick for President of the United States.

The ads are part of the pro Clinton super PAC Priorities USA, Emily’s List and Schlep Labs effort to get out the vote for the Democratic nominee.

“She didn’t just bring Iran to the table, she whittled the table from a single piece of oak,” Franco says about Former Secretary of State’s foreign policy prowess.

“Yoda is her apprentice,” he says as the ad features images of the Star Wars Jedi master and Democratic nominee.

“I don’t always endorse presidential candidates, but when I do, they’re extraordinary,” Franco says as he steps out of the shower in the video. The video shows Franco in a locker room shower/bathroom as he tightens a towel with the Clinton “H,” ‘I’m with her’ logo on it.

The ad is an entirely fresh style in political advertising as the Hillary Clinton Campaign continues to reach out to millennials in its get out the vote effort.

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Charlie Bear at

What the fuck does it matter? I’m sick of these politicians and their “friends” acting like 8 year olds by calling each other profane names. It’s a national shame that the two candidates 69 years old and 70 years old acting like children.


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