WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Imagines Sean Spicer’s Inner Conflict Over Hitler Gaffe

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been working tirelessly to walk back on his inaccurate claim that Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons. During a segment on his show, late night host Jimmy Kimmel imagined what the press secretary’s inner struggle might’ve been like.

Kimmel played video of Spicer’s claims, which occurred during Tuesday’s press briefing, and slammed Spicer through what he imagined to be his inner monologue, realizing the implications of his statement in real time.

The imagined voice of Spicer’s conscience asked,

“Did I just defend Hitler? Hitler? I think I did — why did I even do that? Why even bring up the Holocaust? At press secretary school, the one rule was never defend Hitler.”

The voice added,

“Of course, Hitler gassed people — I learned that in high school, we all did. What the hell are you doing, Sean? Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

Watch the clip here:

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