WATCH: John Oliver’s Spot on Evaluation of Trump: He’s ‘Making Real Policy Out of Fake Facts’

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In Sunday’s edition of “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver focused his attention on U.S. President Donald Trump and exposing the dark realm of fake facts in which he dwells in a segment titled, “Truth vs. Trump.”

He said,

“We have a president capable of standing in the rain, and saying it was a sunny day.”

Oliver explained that Trump seems to receive most of his information from cable news or terrifying alt-right sources like Breitbart — the ultra-right-wing website that was once helmed by now-White House chief strategist Steve Bannon — that are entirely unreliable. Arguably worse, however, is the president’s relationship with Alex Jones of InfoWars, which Oliver reviews in extensive detail.

“It has been so busy that it’s gotten to where the most terrifying sound is your phone buzzing with a news alert. I hate to say this, but I actually found myself at one point saying, ‘Oh, thank God. It’s just that Mary Tyler Moore is dead. Oh, that is a massive relief,'” Oliver explained.

Watch the full segment here:

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