Is Infamous Troll Chuck Johnson Advising on Trump Administration Picks?

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Controversial internet troll Chuck Johnson, once labeled “the most hated man on the internet,” reportedly has an active role in picking candidates for Donald Trump’s administration.

Citing to anonymous sources, Forbes reports that Johnson has an “unofficial role” as a consultant to some of the transition team executive committee members, “pushing for various political appointees to serve under Donald Trump.” Forbes has reportedly learned that Johnson “is working behind the scenes with members of the transition team’s executive committee, including billionaire Trump donor Peter Thiel, to recommend, vet and give something of a seal of approval to potential nominees from the so-called ‘alt-right.'”

The ultra right wing ‘journalist’ is mostly known for harassing people on Twitter before he was permanently banned for harassment in 2015.

Ryan Mac and Matt Drange, the Forbes reporters that broke the story, also cite to email communication with Johnson. In an email in December to Forbes, the blogger said that “Whether I am listened to or not remains to be seen. I am by and large pretty happy with the government selected thus far, though I am sorry to say that a lot of the candidates that I favor have not been selected.”

Johnson is so controversial that it is difficult to imagine that the story is actually true. For years, he has been at the center of countless media controversies, using his website ‘Got News,’ which is billed as an alternative to the “lying mainstream media.”

‘Got News’ has continuously carried and peddled stories about various individuals, both public and private. It has, for example, accused politicians of having affairs, claims President Obama is gay, and has published the names of rape victims who have sought to remain anonymous.

The blogger was seen on election night in the VIP section of Trump’s party. He is also credited with being one of the people who flew some “Clinton sex accusers” to the second Presidential debate in the fall.

Since Trump won the election, Johnson has reportedly been instrumental in setting up introductions and facilitating meetings between potential appointees and members of the Trump transition, including nominees expected to head up the FCC and the USDA. Forbes also claims that Johnson is connected to the website ‘The Plum List,’ which collects data on potential Trump hires.

Aside from Peter Thiel, Forbes cites to Steve Bannon as another of Johnson’s connections in Trump’s inner circle. In fact, he has a long history with Bannon, having written for him at Breitbart, and according to Forbes, working with him closely during the campaign.

As outrageous as the story sounds, it is not at all outside the realm of reality considering many who surround Trump and make up his inner circle. Also, it not only comes from Forbes, but also two writers who actually broke the story about Peter Thiel bankrolling Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, and who seemed to be well-sourced within Thiel’s group.

Forbes does point out that the extent of Johnson’s influence is not entirely clear, regardless of the number of dots that seem to have been connected.

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