Just When it Seemed the Republican Convention Could not Get More Embarrassing, This Happened

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From the outset, Trump bragged that he would make the Republican National Convention more interesting than the boring spectacle that it has been. He said he would spruce it up, among other things, by getting his celebrity friends, and sports figures to speak.He promised an “all star” group of what he termed as “winners” as opposed to the “losers” – using the Trumpian dictionary – who had spoken at previous affairs. He claimed that it would be the likes of which no one has seen.

Then, he engaged in even more typical Trump braggidacio and name dropping. He talked of sports legends like Mike Ditka, and Super Bowl winners like Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. And one by one, either they publicly declined the invitation or claimed they knew nothing about any speaking engagement.

He promised us A-listers, and winners, and gave us Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Scott Baio – yes, that Scott Baio.

Clearly a sign of what’s to come with Trump. He also promised “the wall, which Mexico will pay for,” banning all Muslims, ripping up trade deals, and the biggest whopper that he will never deliver on, to “make America great again.”

For the disbelievers, Baio made the announcement on a Saturday night appearance on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine. Not only that, but the selection was apparently personally made by Donald Trump, himself. Clearly, as has been suspected by various press outlets for weeks now, and the fact that Trump kept promising a list that never came, Trump is desperately trying to get virtually anyone who can make a claim to celebrity status to speak.

According to Baio’s account on Judge Jeanine’s show:

“It’s been fantastic, Judge. It started with you, and from that I’ve gotten so much time to talk about Donald Trump, a man that I believe in, and I’ve done I don’t know how many interviews, and radio, and print, and things like that. I was at a fundraiser for Mr. Trump the other night with my wife, and he invited me to speak at the convention—which was completely unexpected and out of left field. I mean, he had given a speech and he was walking out and I looked at him and I said, ‘Mr. Trump, Scott Baio…,’ and he said, ‘Oh my god!’ And he said to me, ‘Do you want to speak?’ and I said, ‘Here?’ and he goes, ‘No, no, at the convention!’ And I went, ‘Ugh… o…okay,’ and we went inside the house where the fundraiser was.”

Yes, apparently, Desperate Trump loves Chachi. And, apparently, a lot because he is supposedly giving him the prime time spot at 8 PM on Monday.

“I don’t know exactly what it is that I’m talkin’ about,” Baio said, referring, of course, to the convention.

No question, Baio has been repeating and paraphrasing anything and everything Trump. On Twitter, Baio regularly feuds with people, young and old, who do not agree with his choice for president. He has called President Obama “a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer” who wants to “totally eliminate” the United States.

Barring any more last minute changes, it appears that Trump’s “celebrity” headliners at the convention will include, Baio, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Natalie Gulbis, ranked 363rd female golfer in the world in 2015, and UFC President, Dana White.

“I wish that people could meet Donald Trump. I really do…He’s such a regular guy, and every time I’ve been with him and talked with him, he’s a guy… he’s just a guy… who is very successful. And that’s one of the things I hope will connect with millions of Americans,” said Scott Baio during his appearance on Judge Jeanine.

Baio’s mere presence on the list of speakers says that not many share Baio’s enthusiasm.

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