Tim Kaine Breaks with Hillary Clinton on the ‘Deplorables’

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Tim Kaine Breaks with Hillary Clinton on the 'Deplorables' - Citizen Slant

Appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine spoke regarding his running mate’s recent description of some of Donald Trump’s supporters.

Kaine said “that’s not a word I would use,” referring to the use of the word “irredeemable” to describe the supporters of the Republican presidential nominee. Kaine was responding to a question asking him whether it was appropriate to use that word.

“I wouldn’t use it. I think we would be unrealistic to think that some people are going to fundamentally change their views. If they’ve clung to the view for five years, as Donald Trump has, that President Obama is not a citizen of this country, I don’t think they’re going to change their views.”

Mr. Kaine’s running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton caused some controversy when earlier this month, at a fundraising event, she referred to half of Donald Trump’s supporters a ‘basket of deplorables.’ She also called some of those supporters ‘irredeemable.’ Mrs. Clinton later expressed regret, not for using the words ‘deplorable’ or ‘irredeemable,’ but for quantifying how many of Trump’s supporters fall into those categories.

While the Trump campaign has worked hard to capitalize on Clinton’s characterization in order to win over voters, it is difficult to determine whether the efforts have had any success. In fact, the Clinton campaign appears to be confident that there is little political risk in Clinton making the comments as they have defiantly baiting Trump to engage with Clinton on the matter.

Kaine continued by saying that Clinton is very concerned about

“the deplorable motivations of those who would question President Obama’s citizenship. Or people like David Duke who are doing robocalls saying people should vote for Donald Trump … We’ve expressed it differently, but you have to call out these dark emotions, because if you let them pass or … you actually can let them grow.”

As has Mrs. Clinton, Kaine was careful to acknowledge the anxieties of Trump supporters over the economy and security, and said that the Democratic ticket has been and will continue to speak to them in order to get their support.

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