Kanye West: ‘I didn’t vote, but if I had, I would’ve voted for Trump’

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Kanye West says he didn’t vote in the presidential election, but if he had, he would have voted for Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

Fan video shows West making the comments on stage at a concert in San Jose, California, on Thursday night. The announcement was mostly met with boos from the crowd. West told fans that “sometimes you might have to not get your way in order to really understand what to do in the future to be able to get your way.”

During what some concertgoers said was a 15 minute rant, in the middle of the concert, West told concertgoers he would have voted for Donald Trump. “I told you all I didn’t vote, right? … But if I were to have voted, I would have voted for Trump.” he said to a mixed response which can be heard in the clip above.

“This is about the idea of a black buy liking Trump. They thought they had me because … just because I was black or just because I was a celebrity,” he added, seemingly referring to Democrats. “But Trump is our president. And that would’ve been my vote, so I feel right.”

The rapper has said that he will run for president in 2020, but many assumed that to the extent he is serious, he would run as a Democrat, particularly in light of his outspoken views about then-president Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina.

He met with Hillary Clinton last year and posed for a selfie taken by Kim Kardashian, his wife. He was also a small donor to President Obama in 2012. He gave $15,000 to the Democratic National Committee before the last midterm elections.

During his rant at San Jose’s SAP Center, he explained that his hypothetical Trump vote didn’t mean he had somehow compromised his views. “That don’t mean that I don’t think that black lives matter, that don’t mean I don’t believe in women’s rights, that don’t mean that I don’t believe in gay marriage,” he said.

He also asked the audience to “stop focusing on racism” because “we’re a racist f—ing country, period,” and that “not one or the other candidate was going to instantly be able to change that.”

On Friday, Twitter users expressed their distaste with West and his revelation about his imaginary vote.


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