Kelli Ward’s Low Blow Attacks on John McCain Wreak of Ageism

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As former state senator Dr. Kelli Ward tries to oust Sen. John McCain, her choice of ‘attacks’ on the senator show desperation and wreak of ageism.

John McCain’s age has been a hot topic since he ran for president in 2008. However, it shouldn’t be the basis of attacks on him by any means.

Dr. Kelli Ward has been quoted as saying,

“I’m a doctor. The life expectancy of the American male is not 86… It’s less.”

Ward’s campaign is desperately trying to oust the sitting senator as Ward trails behind him in the polls. She has called for McCain to retire, rather than serve is sixth term.

However, Ward’s attacks have only increased with offensiveness.

 “There are things that happen physiologically with the body and the mind. One of them is control over your anger, and he’s already known as an angry man,” she told Politico. “It becomes more and more difficult to control those kinds of outbursts. And we have to have someone with a steady hand, someone with the ability to think on their feet.”

The basis of someone’s race shouldn’t be that the other candidate is getting older and that some things typically happen with age. Ward’s attempts to establish credibility because she is a doctor also do not aid her arguments. In fact, it simply signals the desperation she has near the closing of her campaign.

As Slate reports,

This is not an example of a candidate straying off her talking points and later requiring cleanup by the communications office. These are the talking points, and she appeared on MSNBC Thursday afternoon to boost the signal. “I see the physiological changes that happen in normal aging, in patients again and again and again over the last 20, 25 years,” she told Chuck Todd. “So I do know what happens to the body and the mind at the end of life.” The end of life. She’s practically rolling him into the hospice wing.

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