LA Women’s March Boasts 750,000 Protesters: Organizers

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Women's March L.A. - CitizenSlant
Photo: LA Times

On Saturday, organizers of the Women’s March in Los Angeles estimated that 750,000 people participated in the march to downtown L.A., a number far greater than expected.

A Facebook page for the event showed only 93,000 indicating that they would be attending. However, organizers said that some 750,000 people took part, according to the local NBC station.

Similar marches have been taking place across the country, with other large demonstrations in Chicago, New York, Boston, and of course, perhaps the largest of all, at the nation’s capital. Aerial photos and videos from coast to coast showed massive crowds appearing in cities large and small, including large attendance by celebrities and lawmakers.

In D.C., the march route had to be altered because even hours before the march, the gathering crowd had already filled the entire parade route. In Chicago, the crowd became so unexpectedly large that it was canceled, but then was allowed to proceed.

Original estimates in D.C. were in the 200,000 range, but by 11 a.m., D.C.’s Metro alone had reported some 273,000 passengers, far greater than President Trump’s inauguration the day before, even though the inauguration was set to begin at noon, and the march was set for much later in the afternoon on Saturday.

Organizers estimated that the turnout ended up being about 500,000, according to The Associated Press.

“Our march route is flooded. There is no safe way to march. We are just going to sing and dance and make our voices heard here,” an organizer told some of the rally attendees in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribute. Crowds there were estimated to be in excess of 250,000, again, far in excess of what had been predicted.

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