Matt Lauer: ‘I Just Burst Out Crying’ at Biden’s Tribute

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NBC’s longtime host Matt Lauer says that he was reduced to tears when he watched President Obama surprise Vice President Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“There was something special in Washington yesterday,” Lauer began, adding “it’s getting a lot of attention. President Obama surprising his Vice President Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

After a short segment on the event, Lauer came back on saying,”I’m glad there were no cameras in my apartment yesterday because I was just sitting there weeping. I just burst out crying when I saw that moment. It was incredible.”

The Vice President, himself, was as emotional as he has ever been on camera on Thursday when Obama appeared to have shocked him with the Medal, which he gave to Biden ‘with distinction,’ something that has been done only three other times since 1963 when President John F. Kennedy created it.

Biden was initially surprised that the President was even at the event as he did not even know that the event was about him. As the President spoke praising his Vice President, Biden was visibly moved. However, when Obama announced that he was being awarded with the Medal of Freedom, Biden was so overtaken by emotion that he turned his back to the cameras and the audience.

NBC News’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, shared Lauer’s sentiments in a report recapping the medal ceremony, saying that the friendship between the two men is something “rarely seen” in Washington politics.

“It’s a bond like we’ve never seen before. At times, more like a White House buddy movie than a political partnership,” Mitchell said.

“After eight years, the Bidens and Obamas forging a friendship so close they consider themselves family … Their friendship often reaching a fever pitch on social medial,” she continued.

“Biden tweeting a photo of a friendship bracelet on the President’s birthday: ‘Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever.”

Mitchell later admitted on MSNBC that the surprise event had her “in tears” too.

“You know, every time I watch this — I’m just watching that ceremony — I was in tears,” the “Andrea Mitchell Reports” host said. “We are seeing so much dissension and disruption in Washington and around the country and to see this relationship, this partnership pretty seamless on policy, if they had disputes, they were over their, you know, little lunches and breakfasts that we didn’t see.”


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