Libertarian VP Nominee: James Comey is ‘Off The Reservation’

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Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee Denies Clinton Rumors - Citizen Slant

Libertarian VP Nominee Bill Weld accused the FBI Director James Comey of ‘playing hit and run’ when he sent a letter to congressional leaders regarding his decision to look into emails that were discovered recently which belong to longtime Clinton aide Human Abedin.

Weld has known Clinton since the two of them were attorneys in the 1970s. He has frequently come to the defense of the Democratic nominee, and has notably refrained from attacking her when given the chance. Last week, he was quick to point out that he much preferred a Clinton victory to a Trump one. “Donald Trump, if elected president of the United States, would not be able to stand up to this pressure and this criticism without becoming unhinged and unable to perform competently the duties of his office.”

On Monday speaking on CNN, Weld seemed quite taken back by James Comey’s decision to send a letter to Congress. He launched into the Director’s decision to announce a review of the new emails was “disgraceful” and said that “They’re totally off the reservation,” referring to Comey and the agency which he leads.

“It’s getting worse and worse,” Weld said during the interview on CNN’s ‘New Day.’

“Friday was the letter. Yesterday, ‘law enforcement’ officials said: ‘We got a warrant to look at the emails to look at what we’ve found. We don’t know what’s in them, but we’ll look at what we found. So what’s tomorrow? If there’s a press conference or an update or a leak every single day, somebody’s got to step in.”

An animated Weld, made one of his strongest defenses of Clinton yet. “There’s no way for Mrs. Clinton to learn what the evidentiary basis is, for which they made this update. I think Director Comey did the right thing in July by concluding that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges.”

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