Luke Skywalker Describes Donald Trump’s Cabinet in Six Words

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Luke Skywalker Describes Donald Trump's Cabinet in Six Words - CitizenSlant
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Even Luke Skywalker is speaking out regarding the presidential election, and he is not a fan of the President-elect Donald Trump.

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill spoke to the Daily Beast about the election that resulted in Donald Trump’s shocking win over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hamill echoed what much of the country felt, including Trump’s own campaign, even on election night.

“I’m in total denial,” said Hamill in a phone interview. “I’m glad I have [the show] to take my mind off what’s going on,” referring to his new show, “because if you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like yikes. It’s a who’s who of really despicable people.”

The sci-fi trilogy that has mesmerized two generations of fans has found its way into politics. Trump’s pick for Chief White House Strategist and Senior Counsel, Steve Bannon, recently appeared to compare himself to the legendary Star Wars villain Darth Vader. “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney; Darth Vader; Satan; That’s power,” Bannon told the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month.

So, the viewpoint of the trilogy’s number one hero may be particularly relevant. The 64 year old actor, a longtime Democrat, urged Americans not to give up and be paralyzed by fear in the wake of Trump’s victory.

“It’s tempting to say, ‘Well, I’m moving to Canada. I can’t stand it.’ But in other ways, it’s challenging to stay and defend your country and do what you think is right and not retreat and hide under the covers. It’s not gonna be easy, that’s for sure.”

Thus far, aside from Bannon, the former Breitbart chief, the President-elect has picked Reince Priebus as his chief of staff; billionaire school vouchers proponent Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary; Jeff Sessions, the controversial Alabama Senator as Attorney General; and retired Lt. General Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser.

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