Maddow: Pence’s Role in Flynn Scandal ‘is Flashing Like a Red Beacon’

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During a segment on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Rachel Maddow continued to question how it is possible that Vice President Mike Pence couldn’t have known that former National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn was lying about his Russia conversation.

In an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier on March 9, the Vice President swore that the story about Flynn lobbying for Turkey was news to him. Baier had asked him the question twice, just to be sure.

However, Maddow bluntly remarked, “that cannot be true.”

On Thursday’s show, the MSNBC host examined Mike Pence and his role in the Trump transition. Pence had been head of the Trump transition team after Gov. Chris Christie was booted from the job. This is the team that would have vetted Flynn and proposed these concerns.

Maddow clearly outlined Pence’s role, saying,

“As leader of the transition, he was notified in writing by members of Congress about Flynn’s apparent financial ties to the government of Turkey. The transition was also apparently notified twice by Flynn’s own lawyers about his financial relationship with the government of Turkey, but nevertheless, Vice President Mike Pence says he has no idea about any of that.”

Throughout her explanation, Maddow noted that Pence has continued to claim that he knew nothing, despite the fact that he was notified several times.

Maddow added,

“Mike Pence’s role in the Mike Flynn scandal is flashing like a red beacon for anyone who sees him as the normal Republican in this setting.”

Watch the clip here:

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